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Welcome, this site (especially its discussion area) is primarily for Crest Residents. Crest is located in the foothills of Eastern San Diego County. Just 20 miles east of the Pacific Ocean with an elevation 1640 feet above sea level we have views of the mountains to the north and east, the ocean to the west, and Mexico to the south. Our population is approximately 3500.
Crest Community Mother's Day 2021 (canceled AGAIN!!!)
Cedar Fire 2003
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Crestridge Ecological Reserve
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Well the big 2020 plan is set. We were very fortunate to have the County approve a tripling in size of our eastern neighbor Alpine, as it resulted in all the conservation and mitigation money coming to our small community. As we all have seen, almost all of the buildable land around us is now in a perpertual conservacy Crestridge. Still, it's important to attend our Sub-regional meetings; but, make sure you follow the commission for what changes they make as it impacts our area. Sub-regional meetings are still the second Monday of each month, normally at the Dehesa Fire Station. Our Crest Community Association meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm.


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Here are our SanGis Plans for Crest

South Grade Evacuation Route, off end of Suncrest Blvd.

For our Veterans a reminder of why we fought for 20 years.

For our Covid Recovered your immunity is stronger than vaccine.

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